Friday, April 29, 2011

Fabulous thing in the world, DRIVING!

I absolutely love it! The way the car feels, the thrill you have, but not the idea that it's your friends. Actually, she doesn't know this, but I pictured my character Raylene driving the same road. She was having a conversation with one of the other characters about life. Scratch that, the second character, Alex, was learning to drive. Raylene was the one teaching her because her parents had to work or for some other reason. Why that idea came into my head, heaven only knows. Too bad, it won't be from Alex's POV. Oh well, we'll see what happens when we get there.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Glass Serpent Blurb

They kept coming...a life that was supposed to be hidden and a man who knows everything about you.

As if killing demons for a living wasn't enough, the dreams kept coming, haunting a past that Raylene Greyson had tried to forget. The Greysons have done all they could to help her forget. They'd given her a new life and a fresh start with no thought of reward. But then, she starts to remember what her life was before Saain. Along comes Luccas who says he knows who she is. Forced to work with the other, the two develop a love that could not only put them in danger of hellfire, but the Greysons as well. Then one of the Greyson children is kidnapped. Raylene must save her before it's too late and the child is lost forever.

Along the way, Raylene discovers who she is and how her family is connected. She will not only have to overcome her past, but accept her future. For there can only be one, Keeper of Aurora.

Can she trust Luccas with her heart and her lost memories? Will she save the child in time? Will she accept what is in store for her?

Monday Again?

Wait, where did spring break go? How did it come and go so fast? Oh well, another day another time. Not much, but to head back to school and see what I could stuff my head with this time. Don't get me wrong, I love school. I just want to get it done already. Then again, others like me are sure of the same thing as well. So far no word on my manuscript. Oh well, 'patience is a virtue' my mother always said or maybe not. I just know I often heard it growing up. Well, time to sign off!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break

You know, it is always nice to be able to not worry about school for a while. Lately, I've beed reading some terriffic reads and I wish they would become books, so I can buy them and support the authors. Of course as we know it, working on my own writings and hopefully things will turn put right. I'm a little nervous with this second book. I wonder how this is going to end, yet perserverance is always needed. I will continue on!

Another Journey

Wow, it is interesting how time passes. Time waits for no man and man must spend what time cam give him. What strikes me is how much in a little time that I've grown. A part of me still hangs on to the strength that somehow is trying to be unlocked. It grasps onto me with its claw, wanting me to come along. When I don't think about it, it is easier to follow. Some day if not today, a great things will happen. Ordinary people will become what they dreamed to become.