Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Language is Everything: Wogan's view on Writing

Language is in everything. It is verbal. It is written in poems, novels both fiction and nonfiction, on Billiton boards and street signs, and even in a unique way, language is unspoken and written. There is a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Pictures can say a whole lot if one simply takes the time to examine a photographer’s or an artist’s work. As a class we have seen language used in many different ways that forms of any language can go beyond ordinary symbols, grammar, and form.
Language provides expressing feelings, as an art through literature, and communication among people. Language is a concatenation; it has an interconnection with words—transforming people into culture. Writing is one form that involves personal and public records. Journals, though there are individual ones, have a form to them. Journals are just one example of how language is used in a private sector. Governmental documentation, religious rituals, and family history all require some sort of linguistic structure to properly function. Governments in every country uses phonological ways to promote themselves to a particular position in that specific government.
Language whether spoken or written is also a means of communicating between teacher and student, school administer and the teacher, etc. etc. Success in school depends on language as well as everything else in life. In order to succeed, students need to stay in constant communication with their instructors, so they can continue knowing what they are expected to accomplish in a short period of time. Teachers must be in contact with administrators, more so in the lower education part. Administrators have to or should know exactly what is going on in the classroom and offer help to the teacher, if it is necessary. Otherwise, there will be conflict within the school system. Teachers cannot run their classroom without the administrators involving themselves with what they actual criteria is, educate what is like to be in a class full of students and not just stand out giving orders, and talk with the parents about what is being taught to their children.
From the various texts used in my Anthropology class, language controls not just the matrix of life, but it also has a matrix within itself. We are the participants in this game. To further establish how we are as a chess piece in the game of language, Magical Writing in Salasaca explores the importance of writing. The Salasacans understand what writing means to their people. In the beginning of the novel, the idea of a “God’s book” comes into play. Wogan’s editor Edward Fischer added in the series editor preface that although the friend of a friend relates his story of going to “a hell-like place and on to Heaven, where God checked his book…” this should not be dismissed as an “apocryphal story inspired by religious fervor” (xi). Instead, Mr. Fischer points out, this novel should be seen as what Wogan tries to bring up in his points about how writing is a form of “…state control, techniques of surveillance and documentation, and the nexus of power and literacy” (xi).
Wogan begins his tale of the people in Salasaca of visiting the woman who was one of the three sisters who were in charge of the witch-saint San Gonzalo’s books. He goes into personal detail about having to “pore over for twenty minutes” just to search for he and another man, Jorge’s, name in the book after the daughter of the woman brought back nine books filled with names of people requesting San Gonzalo’s services (34). However, the search for their names were futile, until the woman told them to stop, get up, and left the home. She brought back “a much more impressive” book that is “a foot high, heavy and made with sturdy, blue covers and large, lined paper” within it (35). Within the book, discovered by the daughter, both Jorge and Wogan had their names written among others.
Wogan, Peter. Magical Writing in Salasaca. Westview Press. 2004. Print.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Excerpt from TGS

Some people have called me a “Dark Angel.”
Perhaps those people were right.

I woke, remembering a dream from the night before. Pictures of frightened children lingered in my mind as I approached them with a hunger unsated by mundane appetites. I recalled how flesh smelled: sweet. The texture was tender, yet it was bitter to the taste. Blood was messy and dripped down my chin. The demon, the cold-blooded monster mingled with my DNA: a gift from one of my parents brought to daylight by evil people.
Thanks Mom and Dad for the evil of which you succumbed me to. I never thought parents could be that cruel to have given their child to a society of evil scientists. Thanks for giving me the blessing of having nightmares haunt me after my escape. Thanks for not being there when I needed you.
I turned my head to an object in my hand underneath one out of many pillows. I twirled the small dagger with my fingers, pulling the blade out of its sheath without another thought. While examining the Celtic knot design on the blade, I slowly took deep breaths to try to calm my mind. There wasn’t any reason to fear anymore.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Story Continues...TSC cover

The second book in the Demon-Gods' War series has found a home! It also has a very wicked cover.

A new threat is about to be unleashed... A little choice can tip the balance between loyalty and betrayal.

The half-demon, half-goddess Raylene Greyson thought a vacation to Germany was fine. Until Trackers come searching for someone, and involves a small child. An old fear returns, forcing our heroine to make a choice. Would she return to Saain? Or continue to run? Then all hell breaks loose when a woman named Rilanja appears. Liberi Olympus wants the hybrid to themselves, but Cain has other plans for the heroine. The Greysons are once again dragged into it despite Raylene’s protest. A life is taken while another discovers that he’s one of Heaven’s Guardians.

In the meantime, Luccas confronts his past and a promise that he’d made. Now he will have to choose to keep it or drop it. However, love has overpowered him. What he doesn’t know, is Cain is preparing. More will be at stake than a simple promise. He will test his newfound emotion against all odds. The only cost . . . Raylene.

Their journey will run into some old and new friends. However, can they be trusted? Life for the two heroes couldn’t get any worse. Until Raylene meets someone who she’d thought vanished from her life a long time ago…her father.



Friday, September 20, 2013

Even in the worst days you stand.

I've been thinking a lot lately about personal matters. School's begun, another novel is coming although I'm beginning to see how hard it is to write with another person, but it is still one of the best experiences I have. The main thing is we both learn from each other. What our personal strengths and weaknessess are as writers.

Besides that, I'd thought that I would be finished with my battle and everything will be honky dory but alas, things sometimes don't always come as you expect them to. I have another surgery next week. My strength is down, but I will never give into something so stupid as cancer. I'm doing all that I can to defeat this dumb disease and will beat it at whatever cost.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Seeing the End of a Rough Journey

So, last time I'd mention about my personal journey with a battle of cancer. That part of having to have chemotherapy is almost over. These past weeks have been a struggle, but there have been amazing people who've helped along the way with jokes and new people that I've met not only while I continue fighting, but people who are currently in the same war as I. To those people, thank you for reminding me that people in numbers really are a strength. Cancer comes in many forms, and although mine is breast, there is a sense of having understanding that You are never alone in your fight. THERE IS ALWAYS A HAND to guide you through this difficult time. Cancer is nothing but a coward, and it deserves to be treated as such, so chase it away.

Now that I'm closer to the end of my personal journey, I can turn around and be a light to those who have just began their struggle. To tell them that cancer isn't something to be feared; it is another test to prove once again how strong you are. Not everyone, this is my personal believe, can face a disease--cancer, there, I've said it. A cowardly and powerless one.

One of the biggest things that is the most important is a strong rely upon my savior, Jesus Christ. There have been nights when I've felt powerless, afraid, unsure, and doubt sank to the bone. Sleep fled. Wondering if you'll wake the next day preoccupied thoughts. But, with a foundation in a God of Mercy, I will rise triumphantly. No matter what.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Standing Strong in the Face of Adversary

Today, I began my treatment every week. The chemo isn't as strong as the first round, but it is still enough to kill cells. This morning, I could not imagine going through more rounds of chemo. Why couldn't the cancer just vanish? My mind pouted, knees crumbled onto the floor, and heart reminded God how much I hated admitting traveling through a rough trial. Trials don't always disappear overnight. There are reasons why trials are given to those better suited for them. Or, in my case sometimes, I need trials to remind me to remain humble and allow help when offered. Just one tough lesson to learn after another, and life will continue to throw curve balls until you learn how to catch them. My favorite is catching and throwing a ball back at whatever comes my way. OK, so there are still personal fears to overcome, but those are slowly decimating.

This morning was so much easy to just stay in bed. Some days it is hard to rise from ashes like a grand phoenix. When that phoenix rises, my day is so much better. Suddenly, I have a surge of new-found energy that I have no idea where it comes from. One thing that I do know is is how much people including friends and family love me. They're praying or sending positive energy to help heal this element without much to their knowledge. I thank them.

Another thing that makes chemotherapy easier to handle is the medical staff. I hate to brag, but I have the best team in Turlock. The staff takes care of me very well. Today, I had opportunity to share some of my experiences with another patient who began her treatment this morning. The nurse actually asked me, so I said I would. It is always interesting to get to know someone over some related thing or when opportunity arises. I just need to learn how to better use chances to share with what I know to benefit someone else's life. My desire is to bless others' lives with the best I can and have. I want to tell people that it is OK to admit when life is hard, but to stand back on your feet even in the deepest of water. That is where true strength lies. I just needed a reminder.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My battle on Cancer--still going and still writing.

Another round of chemo today and off to class! Essay finished, life is good, and a new manuscript is underway. Six months of hacking the piece into a product of imagination. This new manuscript is coming a while. Feels like I have to do a lot of research to see what I can and cannot do far as technology for the future. Just mostly what is in the works. Yeah, learning how to create a worthwhile scifi novel is a bit of a challenge, but it will be awesome because I have a co-author who although he thinks he will produce worthless work, but he will be wonderful now that he has what I've given him and an idea what to do. He'll be awesome; I have confidence in him whether he knows it or not.

Speaking of novels and such. The Demon-Gods War trilogy is on the back burner currently due to a few things. All three manuscripts are completed, so that's a plus. Been working on various issues with the series on a whole. Experience with cancer and having to be poked with many needles seem to fit the bill with a character within the DGW trilogy. Hmm, now to add a bit of humor. I hope the nurses won't mind me quoting them.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Don't be Afraid to Say the C word--Battle with Cancer

I have been diagnosed with stage 3b cancer a week before my 26th birthday. A lump was discovered in the right breast. While waiting for the diagnosis, my heart became heavy. I knew what the answer was. Cancer is not a respector of persons. Cancer will claim anyone at any age. Now, it claimed me. MY turn to join others who also fought and who are fighting. The "Pink Army" continues to fight and so shall I. Did I happen to mention that pink is not a favorite color?

One of the things that bother me is how little understanding what it is like to go through chemo. The first is for me, and what I am experiencing is it is all right to admit how scared I am. Crying does not come naturally for me; I am not a crier. Never have fear gripped around my heart so strongly in any experience than discovering cancer. Anger swollowed common sense, questioning God on why he would allow a rough trial to come upon me. What lesson did He mean to give me? Was I not trying hard enought to follow His commandments? Indeed, perfection is a hard thing to ask of an imperfected being easily tempted by the Adversary. But I try. For what little faith I do have, I will give it to my heavenly father in exchange with help for my unblief.

I watched as the red chemo traversed out of the source, through the small tubular link to my new friend named "The Tick with a Tail" or what is called a port. The nurse administering my medication laughed. "I have never heard someone call that before," she said. Well, she had a writer in her mist. I think I personally would have been insulted, but that is just me.

As I reflect on this experience and while sitting here in class thinking what to write for this prompt, my mind cannot come to terms with having short hair. For one, having short hair is out of my comfort level. I want to reach back for a ponytail—the one secured thing about being a female. Years of long hair, summers of always putting it back, and just arguing with Mom about getting it cut as a child. Not going to lie, having my hair this short feels a bit degraded, but at least I get to have fun spiking it after chemo when it grows back. Yeah, a positive about having hair is the ability to regrow it. After all, it is just hair. There are worse things to lose than hair.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Keep it Real by Lee Gutkind Prompt

Oh, the chapter on using family members as characters. I guess what I can use as a response to a classmate's   presentation is to discuss the event where my fiance and I hadn't told my parents we were engaged. Oops, probably should have told them that night where he proposed in front of the Provo Temple. Oh well, now they know and no big deal except they (at least my mother) already knew and were waiting for the man to grow balls just to ask. OK, might not be exactly what the case was, but it still makes a good story for later, I tell myself. Need funny stories every once in a while, no?

Creative Nonfiction Prompt

Oh regret, how much do I hate having you around. Even while traveling through a fiery trial whether large or small, you regret things that you don't have any control over, and it is a heavy burden to bear. Sometimes, you wonder, "what have I done or haven't done to deserve this?" Regret is harmful and although I am not a hundred percent if this will work for class, I don't regret that I am battling cancer. Nor do I regret having bruises on my left arm where the nurses dug and twisted in veins. Just makes a good story later, so might as well enjoy the moment. Throughout my young life (soon to be 26 years), there have been worse things, and I don't regret passing through those trials. Just remember:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Branching Out of the Fantasy

Remember me talking about that if I wanted to write nonfiction that I had to learn the trade? Okay, so those might not be the exact words, but they are close. I decided to take on the romance genre of reading. Don't get any ideas that that includes erotic because thinking that is a mistake. There are romantic novels without any of those scenes. Of course, not to forget that there are some, if done right, scenes that go over my head because they are so rooted into the novel that I don't notice them. Maybe it is the naive personality deep within me...who knows. Kind of sad that I can read something for class and totally miss a certain scene until it is pointed out by a classmate.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Subgenres in Creative Nonfiction

“A slew of subgenres come together to make up that big hodgepodge that is creative nonfiction. Memoir, personal essay, narrative journalism, the poetic or lyric essay, travel and adventure essays, literary journals, nature and environment writing, profiles, the nonfiction novel, cultural critiqus, and even some reviews all come under its heading. Yet much creative nonfiction falls under more than one of these subcategories. Go into your standard bookstore and you rarely find a section expressly for creative nonfiction. These books are scattered all over the store, by subject; they’re found under sociology, architecture, travel, political science, and on and on—and often they don’t quite belong there. A memoir about a child who travels widely across several continents might end up in travel, biography. African American studies, essay—who knows?” (Hesse 2).

            Hesse’s explanation of what makes up the genre creative nonfiction involves more than an essay or a memoir. Creative nonfiction “falls under more than one of these subcategories” when looked in a microscopic point of view (2). There cannot be just one or two in any genre. If the world of nonfiction had two subcategories and a writer creates a nonfiction piece that fits to one of these subgenres, the academic world as well as the innovative side will only produce a cookie cutter effect. The effect is dull, non-informational, not unique, and will lack the most important part of the opportunity of creation. Imagine that there are just two genres in the art of nonfiction. Either the cookie cutter will be like a previous work or a rebellion in the art will begin. If there is not a rebellion, the freedom of the press is jeopardized. However, if there were a chance for innovation, many genres will make up the nonfiction.
As there are subgenres in fiction, having many subgenres in creative nonfiction is essential. In order to avoid the cookie cutter effect, each writer has his or her personal touch to a specific work while trying to remain true to the facts. Writers, if not all, of creative nonfiction desire and specialize in a variety of works. There are books on many topics that are “scattered all over” a bookstore for readers who have different interest than the person next to them (2). When a reader walks into a bookstore, a peak of interest is in that person’s mind. A reader who loves to learn about a specific person comes into the store and heads towards a subject about that specific person. In some cases, that book can be a memoir or a collection of essays about that person the reader is fascinated in and pick it up to read.
Books in general speak about many topics whether fiction or nonfiction. Subgenres need to exist. How would anyone know what subject to find if there were one general theme? To look at it a scientific point of view, humans are under the Mammalia family, but scientists know that when looking at just the human family, they call humans, Homosapians. Creative nonfiction is the broader family in the literature sense. Literary journals, memoirs, essays, novels, and other works have their own species within the nonfiction family. When broken down further, these works are place within another family or topic. These works are not cookie cutter works. They are individuals that make up the field of nonfiction.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Life is a journey so have fun with it.

Who would've thought that coming to Turlock would change a young Californian into something else? Not much has changed transferring from a grape vineyard city to a small orchard town. I've always been in the valley, so I'm familiar with it from Sacramento to Los Angelas with minor forgetfulness with the smaller communities around the area. Have patience with me, I still have forty-years or so to learn.

Speaking of learning--Wow, learning how Creative Nonfiction came to be from the 1960's to now is interesting. Now to figure out how to present what I decided to talk about to the rest of the class. Never had to connect my laptop into a system where it projects onto a bigger screen. I knew there's a plug but didn't have to call upon it before now.

I suppose that if I desire to be an universal writer, I will have to come to terms with this subject (nonfiction) and play with the rules like other writers who know about this subject far better than me. Wouldn't hurt to ask those particular writers what techniques they use and why they use them.

Yes, I am jumping all over this page. Welcome to my mind, where a whole lot of nothing try and find a way to make sense of what the world gives me.

I guess I should end this; I'm in my creative nonfiction class, so my professor might not be happy if she knew I'm blogging instead of paying attention--talk about serious ADD action (not actually ADD). On the flip side, I think this counts for what we're learning in class. Maybe she'll give me some slack. Who knows.

Friday, February 15, 2013

My Experience at LTUE

First of all, the panelists were AMAZING! Wait, let me back up and draw out where I am. I am at LTUE, which is a writer's symposium here in Utah. I have never been to one of these conventions where I have opportunity to have other authors who have been through rugged terrain and understand what it is like to be a new writer. Becoming a writer is not an easy task. Not everyone can become one, and it does not come over night. The hardest part on a writer's journey, in my opinion is learning that making mistakes is OK. My writing isn't perfect--try reading the first draft, yet my writing comes over time. Yes, I have been writing since  fourteen, but this does not mean I know what I am doing. The craft itself is a process. Some day, I will become or think to become writers as in Brandon Sanderson, Anne McCaffrey, an so forth. I am on the right track and love every minute of it. I cannot wait to watch myself grow in the writing field.

Back to LTUE, learned so much that I cannot put everything into a single paragraph. Of course, if I do then there wouldn't be a reason to continue on with the next one. This morning, I had the pleasure of pitching my second story to a publisher. Also, this morning in a workshop, panelists talked about what makes The Hunger Games successful and along with some of the negatives to what could have been better had the author decided to use them. From hearing other authors talk about a book, it is okay to have different tastes and pleasures that comes out of reading books. I have those tastes, as well but don't get into it. And the muse just went on a tangent...come back, muse. You're not finished with this blog. OK, you are...have it your way. Till next time, and if muse returns...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another School Year

Been really, really busy this semester with classes and personal life. OK, mostly with classes. Where do I begin? Well, I guess the beginning will suffice--yeah, that will do.

School is absolutely amazing this term. I have the chance to be a part of the English department's publication of Penumbra which is a journey in itself. Lots of editing and such so glad to be on the team although it takes most of my time with reading submissions and deciding what goes and what stays for another round. This round is a little bit difficult--ton of awesome stories--no idea where to sift through this stack.

In writing, I completed the third to the Demon-Gods War trilogy but am working on finding an editor (they are expensive). The Glass Serpent has a second edition but have not found a way to have it republished through the same company...shoot. Sad that a small company I had found last year is not doing anymore publications for a while...back to the drawing board. Anyone have any ideas where to look?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcoming 2013

Another year to make a difference in not only in my life but in someone else's as well. Many projects are currently in the works. My family is amazing outside of some rifts, but they are still amazing and supportive with my choices. I have amazing friends who help bring forth goals into fruitation and many thanks to them for staying with me along with forgiving the mistakes. No worries, more will come during the new year. Just will have to see if any of the previous ones have been learned and resolved.

So, what is going on in my life? Well, winter break has settled in, yet now I am ready for school to begin. Maybe it is because I am so close to finishing it is intense. I also have someone who is a part of my life, and I hope he will choose that he will continue to be a part of my life through the rough and smoothe tides in the future. During this break, I have moved in with an older couple in one of the back rooms. It is a blessing to have someone open their home even if it is for a semester.

That is my life at the moment. Ready for school and another publication, but those have to come slowly. Cannot rush into things just yet or else will be severely burned. I am excited for the classes that will come next semester. Many wonderful things shall be pressed into the mind for future endeavours. Adventure is just around the corner, but why can't it come quickly and be done with?