Monday, September 23, 2013

The Story Continues...TSC cover

The second book in the Demon-Gods' War series has found a home! It also has a very wicked cover.

A new threat is about to be unleashed... A little choice can tip the balance between loyalty and betrayal.

The half-demon, half-goddess Raylene Greyson thought a vacation to Germany was fine. Until Trackers come searching for someone, and involves a small child. An old fear returns, forcing our heroine to make a choice. Would she return to Saain? Or continue to run? Then all hell breaks loose when a woman named Rilanja appears. Liberi Olympus wants the hybrid to themselves, but Cain has other plans for the heroine. The Greysons are once again dragged into it despite Raylene’s protest. A life is taken while another discovers that he’s one of Heaven’s Guardians.

In the meantime, Luccas confronts his past and a promise that he’d made. Now he will have to choose to keep it or drop it. However, love has overpowered him. What he doesn’t know, is Cain is preparing. More will be at stake than a simple promise. He will test his newfound emotion against all odds. The only cost . . . Raylene.

Their journey will run into some old and new friends. However, can they be trusted? Life for the two heroes couldn’t get any worse. Until Raylene meets someone who she’d thought vanished from her life a long time ago…her father.



Friday, September 20, 2013

Even in the worst days you stand.

I've been thinking a lot lately about personal matters. School's begun, another novel is coming although I'm beginning to see how hard it is to write with another person, but it is still one of the best experiences I have. The main thing is we both learn from each other. What our personal strengths and weaknessess are as writers.

Besides that, I'd thought that I would be finished with my battle and everything will be honky dory but alas, things sometimes don't always come as you expect them to. I have another surgery next week. My strength is down, but I will never give into something so stupid as cancer. I'm doing all that I can to defeat this dumb disease and will beat it at whatever cost.