Saturday, November 9, 2013

Excerpt from TGS

Some people have called me a “Dark Angel.”
Perhaps those people were right.

I woke, remembering a dream from the night before. Pictures of frightened children lingered in my mind as I approached them with a hunger unsated by mundane appetites. I recalled how flesh smelled: sweet. The texture was tender, yet it was bitter to the taste. Blood was messy and dripped down my chin. The demon, the cold-blooded monster mingled with my DNA: a gift from one of my parents brought to daylight by evil people.
Thanks Mom and Dad for the evil of which you succumbed me to. I never thought parents could be that cruel to have given their child to a society of evil scientists. Thanks for giving me the blessing of having nightmares haunt me after my escape. Thanks for not being there when I needed you.
I turned my head to an object in my hand underneath one out of many pillows. I twirled the small dagger with my fingers, pulling the blade out of its sheath without another thought. While examining the Celtic knot design on the blade, I slowly took deep breaths to try to calm my mind. There wasn’t any reason to fear anymore.