Friday, February 15, 2013

My Experience at LTUE

First of all, the panelists were AMAZING! Wait, let me back up and draw out where I am. I am at LTUE, which is a writer's symposium here in Utah. I have never been to one of these conventions where I have opportunity to have other authors who have been through rugged terrain and understand what it is like to be a new writer. Becoming a writer is not an easy task. Not everyone can become one, and it does not come over night. The hardest part on a writer's journey, in my opinion is learning that making mistakes is OK. My writing isn't perfect--try reading the first draft, yet my writing comes over time. Yes, I have been writing since  fourteen, but this does not mean I know what I am doing. The craft itself is a process. Some day, I will become or think to become writers as in Brandon Sanderson, Anne McCaffrey, an so forth. I am on the right track and love every minute of it. I cannot wait to watch myself grow in the writing field.

Back to LTUE, learned so much that I cannot put everything into a single paragraph. Of course, if I do then there wouldn't be a reason to continue on with the next one. This morning, I had the pleasure of pitching my second story to a publisher. Also, this morning in a workshop, panelists talked about what makes The Hunger Games successful and along with some of the negatives to what could have been better had the author decided to use them. From hearing other authors talk about a book, it is okay to have different tastes and pleasures that comes out of reading books. I have those tastes, as well but don't get into it. And the muse just went on a tangent...come back, muse. You're not finished with this blog. OK, you are...have it your way. Till next time, and if muse returns...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another School Year

Been really, really busy this semester with classes and personal life. OK, mostly with classes. Where do I begin? Well, I guess the beginning will suffice--yeah, that will do.

School is absolutely amazing this term. I have the chance to be a part of the English department's publication of Penumbra which is a journey in itself. Lots of editing and such so glad to be on the team although it takes most of my time with reading submissions and deciding what goes and what stays for another round. This round is a little bit difficult--ton of awesome stories--no idea where to sift through this stack.

In writing, I completed the third to the Demon-Gods War trilogy but am working on finding an editor (they are expensive). The Glass Serpent has a second edition but have not found a way to have it republished through the same company...shoot. Sad that a small company I had found last year is not doing anymore publications for a while...back to the drawing board. Anyone have any ideas where to look?