Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another School Year

Been really, really busy this semester with classes and personal life. OK, mostly with classes. Where do I begin? Well, I guess the beginning will suffice--yeah, that will do.

School is absolutely amazing this term. I have the chance to be a part of the English department's publication of Penumbra which is a journey in itself. Lots of editing and such so glad to be on the team although it takes most of my time with reading submissions and deciding what goes and what stays for another round. This round is a little bit difficult--ton of awesome stories--no idea where to sift through this stack.

In writing, I completed the third to the Demon-Gods War trilogy but am working on finding an editor (they are expensive). The Glass Serpent has a second edition but have not found a way to have it republished through the same company...shoot. Sad that a small company I had found last year is not doing anymore publications for a while...back to the drawing board. Anyone have any ideas where to look?

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