Friday, July 19, 2013

Seeing the End of a Rough Journey

So, last time I'd mention about my personal journey with a battle of cancer. That part of having to have chemotherapy is almost over. These past weeks have been a struggle, but there have been amazing people who've helped along the way with jokes and new people that I've met not only while I continue fighting, but people who are currently in the same war as I. To those people, thank you for reminding me that people in numbers really are a strength. Cancer comes in many forms, and although mine is breast, there is a sense of having understanding that You are never alone in your fight. THERE IS ALWAYS A HAND to guide you through this difficult time. Cancer is nothing but a coward, and it deserves to be treated as such, so chase it away.

Now that I'm closer to the end of my personal journey, I can turn around and be a light to those who have just began their struggle. To tell them that cancer isn't something to be feared; it is another test to prove once again how strong you are. Not everyone, this is my personal believe, can face a disease--cancer, there, I've said it. A cowardly and powerless one.

One of the biggest things that is the most important is a strong rely upon my savior, Jesus Christ. There have been nights when I've felt powerless, afraid, unsure, and doubt sank to the bone. Sleep fled. Wondering if you'll wake the next day preoccupied thoughts. But, with a foundation in a God of Mercy, I will rise triumphantly. No matter what.