Monday, May 20, 2013

Standing Strong in the Face of Adversary

Today, I began my treatment every week. The chemo isn't as strong as the first round, but it is still enough to kill cells. This morning, I could not imagine going through more rounds of chemo. Why couldn't the cancer just vanish? My mind pouted, knees crumbled onto the floor, and heart reminded God how much I hated admitting traveling through a rough trial. Trials don't always disappear overnight. There are reasons why trials are given to those better suited for them. Or, in my case sometimes, I need trials to remind me to remain humble and allow help when offered. Just one tough lesson to learn after another, and life will continue to throw curve balls until you learn how to catch them. My favorite is catching and throwing a ball back at whatever comes my way. OK, so there are still personal fears to overcome, but those are slowly decimating.

This morning was so much easy to just stay in bed. Some days it is hard to rise from ashes like a grand phoenix. When that phoenix rises, my day is so much better. Suddenly, I have a surge of new-found energy that I have no idea where it comes from. One thing that I do know is is how much people including friends and family love me. They're praying or sending positive energy to help heal this element without much to their knowledge. I thank them.

Another thing that makes chemotherapy easier to handle is the medical staff. I hate to brag, but I have the best team in Turlock. The staff takes care of me very well. Today, I had opportunity to share some of my experiences with another patient who began her treatment this morning. The nurse actually asked me, so I said I would. It is always interesting to get to know someone over some related thing or when opportunity arises. I just need to learn how to better use chances to share with what I know to benefit someone else's life. My desire is to bless others' lives with the best I can and have. I want to tell people that it is OK to admit when life is hard, but to stand back on your feet even in the deepest of water. That is where true strength lies. I just needed a reminder.

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