Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My battle on Cancer--still going and still writing.

Another round of chemo today and off to class! Essay finished, life is good, and a new manuscript is underway. Six months of hacking the piece into a product of imagination. This new manuscript is coming a while. Feels like I have to do a lot of research to see what I can and cannot do far as technology for the future. Just mostly what is in the works. Yeah, learning how to create a worthwhile scifi novel is a bit of a challenge, but it will be awesome because I have a co-author who although he thinks he will produce worthless work, but he will be wonderful now that he has what I've given him and an idea what to do. He'll be awesome; I have confidence in him whether he knows it or not.

Speaking of novels and such. The Demon-Gods War trilogy is on the back burner currently due to a few things. All three manuscripts are completed, so that's a plus. Been working on various issues with the series on a whole. Experience with cancer and having to be poked with many needles seem to fit the bill with a character within the DGW trilogy. Hmm, now to add a bit of humor. I hope the nurses won't mind me quoting them.

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