Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Life is a journey so have fun with it.

Who would've thought that coming to Turlock would change a young Californian into something else? Not much has changed transferring from a grape vineyard city to a small orchard town. I've always been in the valley, so I'm familiar with it from Sacramento to Los Angelas with minor forgetfulness with the smaller communities around the area. Have patience with me, I still have forty-years or so to learn.

Speaking of learning--Wow, learning how Creative Nonfiction came to be from the 1960's to now is interesting. Now to figure out how to present what I decided to talk about to the rest of the class. Never had to connect my laptop into a system where it projects onto a bigger screen. I knew there's a plug but didn't have to call upon it before now.

I suppose that if I desire to be an universal writer, I will have to come to terms with this subject (nonfiction) and play with the rules like other writers who know about this subject far better than me. Wouldn't hurt to ask those particular writers what techniques they use and why they use them.

Yes, I am jumping all over this page. Welcome to my mind, where a whole lot of nothing try and find a way to make sense of what the world gives me.

I guess I should end this; I'm in my creative nonfiction class, so my professor might not be happy if she knew I'm blogging instead of paying attention--talk about serious ADD action (not actually ADD). On the flip side, I think this counts for what we're learning in class. Maybe she'll give me some slack. Who knows.

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