Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gone Fishing

Sorry, I wasn't around to update this. I had a friend give me his MS, so I can read it over. He's still in high school and he's trying to enter into a contest for a scholarship. I guess the host is Scholastics. They will publish the winner of the scholarship, so I've been busy trying to help him. The kid has potential, which is fantastic to see. Of course the story itself needs a bit more work, but that is how we learn. Still, I wish I knew about that while I was in high school, but alas, not much I can do now, but try on my own. Take a few classes, trial and error, but above all, just keep writing. I'm now up to 183 pages, so watch out 200! Here I come! It would be glad to reach it again. Now if only I can stretch myself up to 300 or 400 even. That would be nice. Well, time to sign off. Bye!

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