Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review for 'Reiyalindis' by Cory Poulson


Vaelon Sahani s destiny is about to confront him face to face and her name is Reiyalindis. To save their home from an unspeakable darkness, Reiyalindis, Vaelon, and their new allies form an unlikely band of adventurers who must put their prejudices aside to battle the evil confronting them. With shocking discoveries, bursts of humor, and danger around every corner, Reiyalindis is a thrilling fantasy, full of suspense, that will keep you guessing to the very last page.

Review: 4/5

 It is a cute story, very clean, and just one your children will love. One that does have potental to become a series. To start off with, the story begins with the meeting of Vaelon, and a High Elf, Reiyalindis. Reiyalindis is accompanied by another who she values as a friend. She tells Vaelon that she needs him. At first, he is a bit relucant to go. However, through pursuasion, he goes. While on this journey, they run into trouble, and there met a couple. The husband, Ciroy is human while his wife is a fox/human hybrid. They are a fantastic duo. I imagine the author, and his wife are too. More characters are discovered as the journey unfolds. Read, recommend, and enjoy this one! This is a winner!

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