Friday, June 1, 2012


I have been thinking a lot about progression this past week, but what does one think of when they hear this word? To some, progression is achieving their small goals and raising them the next week and/or day. Others, progression comes at a much slower pace. Sometimes it comes over a month. With school, it can come within that semester or carry over to the next. Either way, at least for me and in my life, it is hard to recognize. Some days I will sit in a quiet room to reflect on what happened over the last month and try to see where I can improve. Likewise and unfortunately, during this time, I tend to also see the negative aspects more than the positive. Up until recently, it was easy to nit-pick out all of the mistakes that were done. It was simple to point out all the errors, but there was someone else who had shown me the good things about myself. She taught me about seeing the work that had been already done. She also revealed how to pick out the areas of progress. Since then and through personal struggle, progression is slowly starting to be recognized. Through the grace of God, as He allows me to become what he knows I can be, this has been awesome to see.

Being a writer is not the most easiest line of work. There are a lot of pressures placed upon his/her shoulders. One example is when the writer becomes a best-selling author and has to live up to that part of their work. Yes, hard to do but not impossible. One way or another it will happen because of the great support team that writer has to not allow the work to fail. Although, there is still much progression to becoming an all-time greatest author, so that is something, personally, to look forward to.

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