Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

I soon found myself walking along a dirt path, in a dark forest. Fear crept into my spine as eyes popped from different corners. Where am I? I thought, looking at my wrists. Chains hung from the ceiling down my waist and neck. Blood dripped from them onto the floor, leaving a trail behind. I can hear hungry snarls from behind me. I wondered if they were the stories I was told about the Wolves of Tasudem. I shuttered, feeling sweat appear on my forehead.
All of a sudden everything started spinning. Sweat dripped onto the dirt, causing my knees to collapse underneath me. I put out my hands, so they would stop me from smacking my face. They broke the fall, but my head was still spinning, I lost focus and I could barely contain my head. My body set wildfire, burning everything it could reach. Pain shook the nerves into submission until it cut off the lungs.
Hands forced me onto my feet, claws digging into flesh and barking orders to others. Several more raced onto the scene, drawing steel out of their cases. The soil turned into crimson, crying to bury the dead in the dirt. A gentle hand ran through my hair, calling my name. Soon my eyesight became clearer looking up at the man in front of me. It was him…my mate standing in a white robe handsomely. A sword in hand, he had come for me.
“Natura…” he said, dropping his weapon and releasing the chains. He cupped his hands around my face, pressing his perfect lips on mine. The fear left me lifting my arms embracing him. I kissed him back allowing the ocean to cleanse my soul. He pulled his lips back. “My Natura…” he whispered, kissing me passionately. The pain lessened from me and on my lungs. I could breathe because the one I love gave me breath.

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