Friday, May 20, 2011

Book teaser trailer #2

My thoughts wouldn’t leave me although there were nights where I wanted them to. The darkness hidden deep within my breast struggled. I thought they connected to my dreams. One minute I remember screaming, the next nothing. Then it would be as if something from the other side pulled me through the bed. I was told that my hands would grasp the bed sheets. There were long nights where darkness was at its peak. Another world where mortals weren’t allowed to enter, opened to their world to mortals. Dimension Hopping? Yeah, you better believe it. That was where I came in. A huntress of the night, follows even the darkest of creatures. Her guns are locked and loaded in case any possible danger pops out of nowhere. Her teeth are sharper than a vampire’s or a werewolf’s. Her hair, darker than a raven’s that went past her shoulders. Her eyes are bluer than the sky and ocean combine. She smells even the smallest odor that a mortal might miss. Who was this strange woman? Well, you’ll have to figure it out because I’m not revealing anything. Yet.

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