Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve at DPA

This is fabulous, having the day where people have excuse to drink. Of course, granted, police will be out making sure the streets are safe. Hm, time to drive the back roads when heading to a dance tonight. Nothing like spending time at home, and write what comes to mind. Hopefully no demons will be out, so we do not have to call out the Slayers. Would rather give them the day off than half a day. Hm, bummer, looks like I would have to do it. Oh, nope, will be at dance. Shoot, will have to get another to cover me.

Work is coming along, and progress is made. The third story is flowing although it has a few bugs in it as expected. Lots of new discoveries to be made and even some old villains with new tricks. Adventure which the main character suffers herself to endure. Pain, sorrow, and love will be tested as Raylene and Luccas comes closer. Some surprises while some expected. The two characters will move together as one body. Each with their own personal troubles, fighting to overcome the same darkness which plagues them. How will they? That answer will be revealed.

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