Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And the Journey Moves Onward! Scene from TGS

What, it's already the second week in January, and not one post? Oy, have to get on that. Now to think what has been going on the past few weeks. Well, have a look!

I hung up the phone and reflected on Derek’s words. What did he mean ‘pull you from hot water’? I shook my head, and pulled the covers over my head. Five more minutes please? The image of me on hooks flashed through my mind. I threw the covers off. Might as well get up now. It was going to be an interesting day if the Colonel wanted me. I grabbed hold of random CD and threw it into player. The first song that came on was ACDC’s “Highway to Hell.” I raised an eyebrow at the irony, and shrugged my shoulders. Slipping on my fuzzy slippers, I walked by the main computer, and knocked on its surface. “Good morning Heng-O.”

Heng-O appeared stretching as if she’d been asleep. She was unique because she was also a demon, but trapped in the computer by Saain. Through her, Saain was able to control everyone trapped in that awful place. “Good morning Mistress,” she said. “Anything I could do while you are away?”

“Just the usual,” I said, and shrugged, going into the bathroom, and started the shower. “Nothing else.” I pulled opened the medicine cabinet. A small half-full bottle of medicine poked back, questioning if I would use it today or not. Shrugged my shoulders again, and closed it.

I don’t need them, I thought as I undressed, and got in. I can get by without them. I shifted the knob to make it hotter than what a mortal was able to take. Due to a chemical in my body, I was able to control the elements of fire and ice. Thus, they had proven as immunity. I closed my eyes, and concentrated on my inner fire to rise higher than the water’s. However, I was careful not to allow it to melt my skin. The hot water messaged the aching muscles left over from the day before. Someday I’ll learn to stop taking hard falls, so my muscles would be nice to me.

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