Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Semester-History Class

So, school has started again, and I finally finished one of the books I had planned on finishing. Now, as usual, more books come. However, not all are bad. Seriously, for history we have this book all about the banana. Yes, the banana. More so of where it originated, and how it became one of the main fruits for the global market. Should be interesting, yet I question the professor. She said she taught this particular course four times in the 20+ years of teaching. She seemes very relaxed about it, but maybe it is because she has an aid. Another thing she mentioned was her aids always received higher marks than she. But then again, she admitted to us she also was the aid whom the students gave higher marks than the professor. So she added the famous, "what comes around, goes around" at the end of that discussion. Forgot to mention at the beginning of the class she wanted to have music, so she added this. I thought it was done well. Have a listen.

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