Monday, February 27, 2012

Day with an Author---Rob Andrews, Author of WiSpy

I have a very special guest today. Meet Rob Andrews, the author of the YA novel WiSpy. Rob, thanks for coming and giving your thoughs on your experience as an Author.

Thanks, Millicent,

Becoming an author has been a wonderful and eye-opening experience for me!
I have always liked writing and "wrote" books (illustrated pirate/monster stories) before I could actually write, so it seems to be hard-wired into my D.N.A., so actually becoming published was a real highpoint for me.
I have been learning a great deal about writing and the publishing (especially electronic publishing) world since I started into the process and I have to say that there is always more to learn!

There are many good tools and websites out there and if you stay true to keeping your participation there about the writing, they are incredibly helpful. WiSpY, my young adult paranormal romance was actually spotted by a publisher on a writer's site, which was a completely unexpected bonus.
I actually gave credit in the acknowledgements for WiSpY to the other writers on that site who gave me very helpful suggestions and a good deal of positive feedback that affirmed that I had something people liked. Had the book not been picked up, the feedback from those readers would have helped me query the book to other publishers.

The book has been out for a few months now and is working its way onto many sites and beginning to get reviews. If anyone has read Stephen King's book "On Writing", I would suggest that his 'Carrie' phone call experience will not typify the experience of most first time writers :)

It was a real rush the first time I got a positive review from someone I didn't know in virtual or plain old reality and the same was true of the first sale I couldn't trace to a friend, fellow writer or family member!
All that aside, I still have my love of writing and wordplay. In the book, the main character, Adam (who, like you, is a blogger - and who is very tall and rather uncoordinated) is thinking about his high school years when he says "I discovered the school newspaper and the annual. It was better for everyone that I was mainly sitting down for these activities, and the girls forgot how short I made them feel. I discovered that I loved words and the interplay that happened as they danced with the ideas in my head. This was my first real love. " I was speaking through Adam there (although I firmly believe that characters will sometimes speak for themselves, so no eye rolling!) because that's how I feel about it (even though I wrote neither for the school paper or yearbook!)

So as the process unfolds, I keep my optimism high, my expectations grounded and my eyes wide open to learn everything I can to improve my next effort!

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I find your story inspiring and like to interview you at my blog.

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