Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I have been thinking a lot about my recent experience as a published author. During the past couple weeks, with school and life going on, there has been so much worry about what people will think about my book. There are a bit of mistakes, which I am embarrased about, but that is okay. I can live with them and grow. Personally, the publisher should have provided an editing staff and now I understand why there are a few authors upset with this particular company, but not all of it is bad. Also if you want your book distributed then there is a cost. I think this experience has proven what could happen when you decide on who you want to publish your book. My book cover is done rather well, so I do not completely condamn this publisher. The format was also done really well, but I think the publisher cared more on making money than what was needed to produce something of quality. Granted, I am still thankful for this particular yet growing trial. There is also next time when used in a sense of good. I will continue forward but with different ideas. I will become the author whom I need to be in order to stand with other authors.

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