Friday, November 16, 2012

Published Poet and update on being an Author

Hey all!

So recently I have published my very own book of poetry, and although it is small, there are some powerful words written on it's pages. I am excited that things such as my first novel and poetry have broken through. Currently, I am looking into another publisher for TGS2. Hopefully, everything will go a lot smoother than the last now that I have learned a hard lesson and matured in writing.

Wow, there is a lot of things on my mind, so I guess they should be written. The first is what is already stated in the beginning paragraph. Oh yes, that's it. I have decided that after my contract is over with this particular publisher, I am going to re-release all of the novels dealing with the Demon-Gods War Trilogy. My reason for that is to have all of them in softback. The beginning novel is only in hardback. Sadly, the company will not release it on kindle unless I pay them too. That is fine; I have no problem waiting. By then I will have a better understanding in the world of publishing and perhaps begin my own publishing company. No, none of my books will be published through it. There is another place that will do the work for me.

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