Thursday, November 29, 2012

TGS2 Teaser

The air became unsettled.
They’re here somewhere. “Maybe we should go,” I said, looking around the airport. “I don’t like it here.” I looked to Luccas who was still trapped in his thoughts. His eyes shifted to me, looking lost and confused. He puzzled me as his gaze held mine. It slowly moved to a different shade of blue. What is he thinking? I walked closer into him and laid my hand on his shoulder. Worry, lost, fear, crawled onto my fingers. “Luccas, is something wrong?”
He touched my hand and patted it gently. “No,” he said as he walked past me.
The child shifted herself in my arms while we followed after him.
“Don’t give me that,” I said in a low whisper. “There is...”
He stopped abruptly and glared at me. “We’ll take the train to Darmstadt,” he said quickly. “No questions asked. From there, we’ll formulate a plan.”
“What?” I asked, blinking my eyes and holding the child closely.
“We’ll take the train heading towards Heidelberg to Darmstadt,” he went on. “A friend of mine has already picked up our bags and is on her way there.”
“You’re avoiding the question,” I said, accusing him. “You can’t do that with me. I need to know what the plan is to find out who this little girl is.” His eyes looked around, nodding his head to a far off stranger. I turned around to see who he knew, but no one was there. I turned to him, scowling in disapproval.
“C’mon,” he said, taking my hand and led me to wherever we were going. “Before we miss our train.”
Before I knew it, we were running. Everything went by quickly; therefore, I couldn’t see details in the buildings, but I knew they were modern. After World War Two, there were many cities destroyed. The people had rebuilt them although the memories were still fresh in their minds. I recalled their faces when the bombs came down and the aftermath. That was why I didn’t want to return; no one wished me to relive those memories.
My body shivered. Who knew if there would still be someone who remembered me? What would I say to them? Sorry for my stupidity?
I felt as though the higher powers took a breath from me as we ran past several people. Coming to a stop, my eyes rose to the ceiling as we went under a prodigious time schedule board. The train station was unbelievable and massive! Along where the trains stopped were signs that told when the departure time was. In the middle, there were various food stands set up. However, something about it didn’t feel right. It held eyes, which were hidden, in every place the demons could think of. I lifted my eyes to the overhead; the beams interweave in a horizontal crisscross. I imagined Cain holding onto one of them, looking down at us and waited until he could strike.
“We’ve made it with enough time to spare,” Luccas said happily. “Well, we could’ve taken the S-Bahn with no trouble.”
“Yeah,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “There’s a subway that goes to here.” He pointed to several people coming out of the ground. “There’s also a food court underneath but enough of that.” He moved his gaze to the girl. “We should probably get some food in us. McDonalds?”
“No thanks,” I said.
“I was talking to the little lady.” The girl shook her head to the offer. Figured as much, she probably wasn’t hungry. “You sure? We haven’t eaten since the plane, but if you insist...” With that, he left us alone.
I turned my head to the girl who stared at me and reached for my face. She touched my cheek. My eyes widened to many images flashing through my mind. The familiar smells of blood and metal entered my nose while traveling through Saain’s headquarters. My stomach twisted as though it would lose the matter in it. The white walls that I grew to adore suddenly became a past I hated. I walked along them until I came to a closed door.
“That’s where they keep us,” a small voice said behind me.
I turned to the little girl and knelt.
Her eyes greeted mine as she spoke quieter in an adult tone. “You remember...”
I furrowed my eyebrows. “What do I remember?”
She whispered, “Them.”
“Is anyone there?” A male voice asked suddenly.
I rose to see who it was and found Luccas walking towards us. His eyes were red, pulling his long white coat back. He drew a magnum from its holster and pointed it at us. Luccas with a gun? It was hard to imagine him with one. His face was hard as stone unlike the Luccas I knew and loved. I checked his hands for a ring. On his right, he wore the insignia of Saain.
My jaw tightened. No, that can’t be right...
“Come out,” he said, cocking his gun. “I know you’re here.”
I ducked behind the corner and waited until he passed us. Luccas wouldn’t fight with a mortal’s weapon. He normally had his sword on him.
“You’re quiet...”
“He needs to be watched,” the girl said.
“We need to be quiet,” I said in a low growl. “Before he hears us.”
“He can’t hear us.”
Luccas continued his patrol down the hall and stopped in front of us. His eyes darted to our hiding place but went on his way. I lifted slowly from the corner enough to see if anyone else came. The last thing I wanted was to run into someone who knew me. Luccas being there though confused me. Why was he there when he never told me that he was? The idea came unexpectedly. Was he also a member of Saain?
I placed a hand on the girl’s shoulder. I became alarmed for her. That whatever it was, whoever she was, wouldn’t get caught with me. I couldn’t risk her.
“You love him,” she said, pointing out. “You want to abandon the idea, but you saw it.”
True, I wanted to, honestly I did. The thought gripped me and would distort every time I was with him. Anger emerged from whence the subconscious pool laid as I restrained myself from squeezing the girl’s shoulder.
Control yourself, Raye, I took a deep breath and exhaled. “Perhaps this is a mistake,” Yes, one that would be cleared with Luccas. I didn’t have to worry.
“No mistake,” she said. I stared at her speechless and widened my eyes. “That’s right, you heard me correctly.”

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