Tuesday, December 4, 2012

School is almost finished and then more writing!!! Bonus scene from TGS2

Have a few more weeks...just a few more, so I need to hold on and finish strong. Last couple of papers and tests til the end of the semester. One more year until I am done with school and begin life. OK, so life has already began, but it will be nice to just have my writing to focus on. Maybe there will be a fresh wave of ideas. I'm down with that; I can use a few more good ideas from the muse. Speaking of muse, mine has been on vacation...at least one of us gets to have fun...until it returns, here is another piece from the current work in progress. Enjoy!

Father walked further away from the blade. “So she wakes,” he muttered. “And here I’d thought taking her would’ve been easy.” He shrugged, but his motions showed anxiety.
He’s afraid. What caused him so much angst? What did Aurora have to do anything?
“So you don’t know...” He mused over, relaxing. He walked behind me confidently, dragging his sword. Tauntingly, he picked it up. “What makes a warrior a warrior.” He whirled around, swinging the blade. Aurora rose to meet his and pushed him away. “The sword controls you. Thus, you have no skill.” He charged, bringing his weapon in from the right. My own slashed against, rubbing sparks between them. Father halted, spat on the floor, and adjusted himself. “You’ll never be your mother. She would’ve been disappointed in her child.”
He’s right.
I thrust Aurora forward, but he knocked her to the side.
“You have no discipline in your craft,” father announced. “Pathetic.” He glanced to his injured arm with disgust. “How you managed to scythed me, I’ll never know.”
Foolish girl, Aurora chastised. Don’t listen; I’ve seen your ability.
“By the way,” he added, raising a hand. He placed his thumb and middle finger together. “You might want to see this.” His fingers snapped, summoning a cloud. It dispersed, revealing Heng-O with her arms tied behind her.
My eyes widened.
“Think of it as a going away present.” He turned his blade downward. It hovered over her side like a pendulum. “Of course, there is the other option.”
“That is?”
“Surrender the armor to me, and I’ll spare her.”
“That’s it, isn’t it?”
He wasn’t just after the armor—I saw it in his eyes. He wanted me as Saain did with his own design in mind on what I should be. “That is all,” he lowered his guard.
I lowered mine and slid the armor on the floor. Heng-O widened her eyes. Fool... I know.

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