Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Journey As An Author

Sometimes dreams come when we, writers, do not expect it. One such story that is in progress has come that way while the one that is currently published did not. Raylene Greyson actually was a RPG (role-playing game) character that started to come to life. After maybe about a year, I began to be curious about her.  I wanted to know who she was, and why things came like they did. Something about this particular character influenced my mind so much that her story had to be told. For those of you who have read The Glass Serpent know her life was not pretty. You know why she was who she was. Some of you might have empathized whereas some might have even cheered after she went through all to overcome. I thank you. That story is continuing as I finished the second and working on the final. More stories will come in the future and desire that you, my audience, will enjoy every single one. Or, you could end up loving one character but not the other. That is alright as well. I wish you all happy reading. Till next time!

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