Friday, July 20, 2012

TGS 2 Scene: Luccas

It never felt so good to be on the ground again. Flying was never my thing anyway. Personally, I rather use Flash Step to get to places faster. It was also safer. It angered me when trackers appeared.
Trackers . . . why did they have to use trackers to do their dirty work? I will return with Raylene.
What, Saain thought I wouldn’t keep my end of the bargain? Was I really that much of a shifty character to them? They would get what they wanted. No reason to have sent that Rilanja charisma. She would only make matters worse than what they were. Raylene definitely wouldn’t trust me if she came.
Raylene . . . she would make a perfect candidate for the Harvest.
I shook my head.
No, I promised Jane we would return with Raylene unharmed. What would she think if that wasn’t fulfilled?
I was determined to uphold that promise. They wouldn’t trust me again if something happened. I sighed. The Greysons were my best weapon, and I needed them more they’d realized. I released a sigh again.
What am I going to do? I can’t please both, but I can’t betray both either.
I concentrated on my search for Raylene. Frankfurt Airport was the second busiest international airport in Europe. It was supposed to be the safest way to travel without any interruption from Saain. Tch, how wrong that was. I knew that Saain would send their best warriors. Hell supplied them continuously without the mortal world’s knowledge. Yet, I didn’t do anything to prevent them from coming. Now there were people on the plan who died from the crash. Cheating death was easy. By using flash step, a portal opened, and I got out of the situation. However, the chances of us returning to the United States would be harder than leaving. On top if that, Saain would use their resources to keep us. Learning about it, hell would gladly help. Neither one would refuse to stop their search, so why should I?
I searched the entire runway. The fool, what in the world was she thinking pulling a stunt like that? My shoulders slumped. Disappointment turned to worry as I walked back into the airport and hoped she showed. Stay positive old boy, she’s fine. I sat in one of the chairs to wait while watching people walk to their appointed flights.
The intercom came on, revealing what happened. People stopped and complained about it. Some said they had a business meeting to attend to, but others chose to wait. Some dialed on their cells to report that they wouldn’t show or would be late.
My chin sat on folded hands, and I closed my eyes. Sadness crept into this newfound heart, struggling to overcome me.
“You’ve lost her,” someone said in German.
A sour cherry scent whiffed by my nose, recognizing it immediately who it was that wore it. Why did it have to be her? I opened my eyes to find a woman with short blonde hair and silver eyes grinning.
The last person I wanted to greet during the time here.
Competitive yet sweet if she desired. What, she thought she could do better? She was always an interesting woman. She wore a red mini shirt with red heels. On her chest laid a tight black top and a cream sweater. She took off her round glasses and snuggled them between her breasts. I shrugged my shoulder to her. Obviously, she tried too hard again but not with me. Gods, not with me. No, she wanted to impress Cain. However, he already had someone else in mind.
“Must you wear that hideous thing?” I asked. “It doesn’t cover the true you.”
Her grin faded as she sat next to me.
I lifted an eyebrow. “Did I say you could sit there?”
She looked me up and down. “Shall I tell Cain you’ve failed again?”
I bared my teeth in a grin. “You forget that I was the one who’d trained him.”
“The pupil has surpassed the master,” she said happily.
I rolled my eyes.
“You don’t think so?”
“It takes a lot to surpass me as you already know, Rilanja.”
She snorted. “Unless it’s Orpheus. . .”
The grin disappeared, and I rose to confront her. “Our things should be in,” I said, trying to calm down. “I need you to deliver them to the house.” It’ll help me to not lose this temper.
Rilanja saw the effect of her words. “Oh?” she said surprised. “Touchy subject?”
“Get out of here,” I said, threatening her. “You’ll never speak of his name again.”
“I won’t,” she said, turning around. “But you will.” She paused and turned towards me with a finger in the air. “Where are those bags, my lord?”
As she left, a sickening feeling came over me, and I sat down again. I placed my head in my palm. Orpheus’s eyes entered my mind like he knew what I thought. I widened my own, seeing his face follow like the Chester Cat.
That’s impossible. He’s dead. That blasted Kelos had killed him because he’d failed.
But was he? The idea of him alive bothered me. I wouldn’t be able to hold him back and to add to the cake, Raylene would be in danger. I couldn’t do that to her. I couldn’t risk her life for hell’s glory. I touched my lips with my fingers deep in thought.
I have to tell her about me. I have to tell her the whole truth.
Would she accept it though?
I rose, looking at Raylene with the child in her arms. Her face wore scratches and bruises. “Raye,” I rose, wrapping my arms around her. I’m relieved you’re safe. Switching to English, I said, “I thought you’d left me again.”
She pulled away from my grasp and stared. Her eyes were full of confusion.

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