Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review of WiSpy by Rob Andrews

"A young blogger has the ultimate on-line encounter; a spirit partner who introduces him to a world he must master to save his own. A ghost in the machine? 

Adam is a 19 year old blogger who lives in his mother’s basement and who is dealing with a critically ill friend. A simple reply to a blog fan e-mail begins a relationship with Pretoria, a a beautiful and mysterious young woman. Pretoria guides him into ‘the Realm’, a spirit world where he discovers he is a powerful force for the protection and survival of human kind. As Pretoria reintroduces Adam to the Realm and his place in it, he realizes that she is not only trying to reclaim him for the sake of humanity, but also for the spirit world and herself. Facing a powerful evil , Adam re-engages with the Realm in order to save his friend and the human world while re-discovering why he had tried to escape it in the first place. As a battle within the Realm reaches its climax, Adam must finally choose between his human and his spirit form, or lose both."

Review: 4/5

I loved this book. I know I keep saying it, but I have not come across a book I have not liked in a while. This is a beautiful piece of work and has tremendous potential to be placed as one of the greats in fiction. It caught me by surprise. At first I had thought it sounded a bit like Tron, but as I kept reading, it brought another understanding. I have not read a book that has caused me to think as this one did. I must admit, it was strange. I think most readers want something that will ease their minds off of the world. I cannot speak for most, for I am one person, but I can tell how I had felt while reading this. This book is worth reading.

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