Saturday, June 4, 2011

Book teaser trailer #3

Alex knew who her superiors were, yet when it came to me, she would challenge me until I acknowledged her a fighter. She wouldn’t join the slayers until she beat their best. Her choice was the one she respected. Her brown eyes glistened a joy to them like she had done throughout the years. She reminded me of her mother when they did. Same innocence, yet she had a secret as I did. She was half demon and half mortal.

“You haven’t changed little sis,” I said.

She snapped her back as if she was offended. I waited for her to respond. “You’re the one to talk,” there we go.

That’s the Alex I know and love. Hmm…must be something on her mother’s side that was the cause of it.

Her eyes narrowed into a scolding. “Where’ve you been?” she asked. “I had to fight the monster all alone Ray.”

“Sorry Alex,” I said sympathetically. “I got caught up in something that couldn’t be avoided.”

She wiggled her nose. “What’s that smell?” she asked rudely.

“Blood,” I said quickly. She smelt the wound on my ankle that I didn’t cover.

“Naturally,” she sighed. “Knowing you, you always come home with more than one wound.” She stared at me more closely as if I was lying. “Dad called, he’d said the manager at Macy’s had called him. Parentally, there was a fight that had nearly wrecked the store. What happened?”

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