Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meet Aleja Bennett

     Today I had the pleasure of speaking to Ms. Aleja Bennett who is really a remarkable woman. Aleja Bennett was born in East Elmhurst Queens New York by her unknown biological mother. In 1976, she was raised in East New York Brooklyn by her church attending adopted parents who still serve as a deacon and deaconess. From the age of two through nineteen they physically-verbally and mentally abused her. She was tortured, starved and neglected all through her childhood. She has also been homeless when her adoptive parents pushed her out in the streets. She looked for all the wrong places for love. “When you’re adopted, you’re looked down.”

     Ms. Bennett is one of the everyday American heroes. Like so many of the U.S population, she has weathered through the storms of life. She is a child abuse survivor, a motivational speaker, a Singer, an Author, Song Writer, and a Poet. You have got to meet this woman. She was very nice to give me a few minutes of her time for an interview about her and her books. In 2006, her book, “Only The Strong Can Survive” was published by Published America. However, the company had messed up her reputation. The book was sold for 15.00. She decided to go into self-publishing and since has published 10 books. Before she became a writer, she was a security guard for 15 years and she had to continue to work because she only made $200.00 whereas the publisher was making more than her. “Things are changing now,” she said. It is always wonderful to hear those words. We all want to say those words when something is going our way. We all want to be like her and say, “Things are changing now.” Maybe we can and will. Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Bennett:

Me: Why did you become a writer?

Ms. Bennett: I believed that I had a gift. What I went through is very traumatizing and people don’t understand. Writing comes from me being scared and I was able to write.

I had to think about that for a moment, yet even as powerful as my mind is, I couldn’t comprehend just how much anguish she went through. What impressed me the most was when she’d said, “Writing saved my life.” Although I knew how therapeutic writing was, I didn’t think it could be also a tool to save someone’s life. I thought of all the reasons why I write, but to me, writing is a hobby. She had to write poetry to help her mind keep intact.

Me: What do you write?

Ms. Bennett: Poetry, self-help, true stories, bio, for all ages.

I loved how she’d stated during our conversation, “you can make it without a mom or a dad or adopted.” I started to think, “how?” Yet it is possible and she had opened my eyes to it. “I don’t write ghetto books, I write about my pain and my struggle," She said. It was fun to hear her say, "I’m getting more recognition now."
Why that particular subject?

Her answer was simple. Her goals are to encourage, empower, inspire and motivate the abuse victims, depressed and the unsaved. That is a woman who cares for much about what happens to people. “My life is still very painful, so when I help people, I feel good about myself." Shouldn't this be everyone's additude? Everyone goes through some sort of trial, so why don't we help others as well as ourselves?

Me: What age were you when you had your first book published?

Ms. Bennett: I started when I was 25 and went to an AA meeting.

Me: What’s your favorite animal?

Ms. Bennett: Fish, I love anything in the water.

She also loves birds because she feels they won’t hurt her.

Me: For fun: If you could say anything to your readers, what would you say?

Ms. Bennett: I would say, I know life can be hard, I know life can be painful I know that we will may all have to face some terrible ordeal in our life, but if you face the fear within yourself, you can find the strength to survive and stand.

Over all, this woman wants to speak to people. She continues to write and to speak out although there are people who say that she’s lying and tries to stop her. She wants to be heard and to share with others what she went through to help them.

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Anonymous said...

This is truly awesome and thank you for the opportunity to be heard. Voices are slowly, softly, quietly, secretly crying out all over the world. Let's help the abuse survivors, victims and the ones that are still being abused before they die in and with abuse.
Author Aleja Bennett