Monday, June 27, 2011

Writer's Block

This is an interesting subject to talk about. Many people want to know how to overcome this when it does happen. The one thing that some people don't understand is that writer's block doesn't just happen to writers. It plays on essayists, poets, script writers and others who work in the field of writing. It's a skill that just happens and you have no idea how to avoid it. You can't to be honest. Granted, there might be some who claim they know how to "overcome" it, but really? I can go around to say that I know how to combat this, but I would be a hypocrite. I have no idea how, but that's because really, we all have our own ways of pushing through this. For me, when it comes to dealing with this, I try to let things sit. Few days pass and I'm back to writing. Then there are some days where I'll have an idea and start typing it as fast as I can. Other days, the idea doesn't come. Just how it works I guess. Quite the little bugger.

It is frustrating to have writer's block in the middle of working on something. Trust me, been there, done that. It happens more frequently while I'm working on a paper for school. Far as my novels, off and on. Right now, I'm working on the second book to a work in progress series using two point of views. Talk about major writing blocks. I had some major struggle with one of my characters, so I asked a friend what to do. She said to think about how I would want my children to become. I thought about it for a second and some ideas came. That is one technique that I use. Another one is that I watch things that represent characteristics that I want to develop in a specific character. That has always been one of the strongest source of inspiration. Anime, if you like it. Not the ones where the plot seems absolutely pointless, but ones where the storyline is well developed. For an exercise, I try to imagine the storyline as a novel. The I pick it apart and try to rearrange what I have back into a story. That way I know how the characters are and what I need to do to make them more realistic. I learn about setting along with trying to develop world maps if I'm starting completely from scratch. Language is also something since it is something that's a part of our lives. We need language to communicate what we're feeling and how to get things done.

But what do you do to combat writing blocks?


Donna said...

Writer's block doesn't come to often for me. I just walk outside and my crazy life takes over! But, I'm not trying to write a novel. I love writing my little stories on my blog. I am a new follower and enjoyed your post. Hope you will hop over to my blog for a follow and enter my book give away! Donna

Millicent Ashby said...

Yeah, I've noticed when I write short stories that it's easier. A novel does take a lot of brain power and making sure that things aren't repeated. Good thing for editors, right?